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Our History

Chubby Baby (An ISO certified company), under the umbrella of Shree Education is a business initiative of Rit Foundation, looking for franchise partners pan India. Rit Foundation is pleased to provide vocational training to different sections of the society which mainly comprises of underprivileged children. To impart the skills, we have partnered with several government agencies like NSDC, MORD, MSME, ASDC, RASCI and TSSC.

Leadership Team

Ms. Chitra is the Founder of
Rit Foundation.
She has been working as an educationist with children and young adults for the past 25 years. She has been writing since she was in school...

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Our Vision

Chubby Baby provides a safe, secure, and stimulating learning atmosphere with equal emphasis on curriculum, creativity, and physical activity. The school aims to make students...

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Chubby Baby is a Pre School and Daycare centre for children between the age group of 3 months-12 years based in Delhi. Chubby Baby believes that a child needs a comprehensive education...

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Chubby Baby Day Care

We know that for a small baby, there is no place like home and no company like her mom. Therefore, we don’t claim that we can substitute you, but we can claim that Chubby Baby Day Care is a place second best to home. In chubby baby day care, we try the day for little one in a way that there is perfect balance between fun, excitement, activity and rest...

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Chubby Baby Play School

We have three sections in Chubby Baby Play School

Chubby Baby Pre Nursery - For the children 18 months to 30 Months old

Chubby Baby Nursery – For Children 30 months to 3.5 years old

Chubby Baby Senior Nursery - For children above 3.5 years.

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