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Effects of war on kids

Effects of war on kids

The world is always exposed to fights and wars all across. There is hatred spread out there but then it is our duty as parents to keep our children away from the traumatic stresses of wars so that their sociological growth isn’t hampered.

Children struggle significantly during times of conflict in a number of ways. These children grow up with the inherent stress of living in a war zone, and most experience severe psychological repercussions later in life. Children face further atrocity and emotional damage. Children on the sidelines of a war zone face trauma as well. Children who grow up in the midst of war face shocking levels of trauma, but humanitarian aid tends to focus on their physical needs rather than the psychological ones. This psychological damage will leave children to carry the burden of their war-torn childhoods for the rest of their lives. Children from war-torn backgrounds have a tendency to develop depression as a result of the horrific things they have seen.  Children that come face to face with armed conflict often feed off of the hostility around them and become violent and aggressive.  Exposure to violence at a young age makes such communication seem normal. On top of this, kids who are exposed to war at a young age are often afraid and more prone to panic attacks, anxiety disorders, bedwetting and nightmares. War is a reality for these children, but there are ways to help them handle the stress. It is necessary to intervene to protect [children] and prevent the aggravation of these mental and emotional problems they experience in order to not be affected in the future. This is why parents and psychologists should do their best to support children as much as possible.

To protect children from the effects of war a better understanding of what these effects might be is needed. Some are obvious, some less. The recognition that children should be protected from the effects of war is not new. Indeed there are instruments of protection which currently exist. Children must be shown special care appropriate for their circumstances. Children should not be separated from their parents. The best indicators of health of a society are the indicators of child and infant health. Not only are children and infants the most sensitive to disaster, but they are also the group that a civilized society will strive most to protect. After mortality, nutrition is the most important indicators of child health. 

Even if we cannot convince adults from using force to resolve differences, it must be hoped that we can at least protect our children from the scourge of this behavior. If we cannot do this then not only the combatants, but also the whole international community, has surrendered the last glimpse of hope for a future generation that can live in peace and resolve their disputes peacefully.