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Pollution Caused by Plastics

Pollution Caused by Plastics

Plastics will outlive us all or so it is scientifically proven. Although, studies conducted by various institutions all across the globe have not been able to agree on the life expectancy of the menace called plastic, they all agree on one thing that plastics bags and bottles are harmful for the environment, thus harmful for us.

Plastic consists of strong molecular bonds that resist the process of decomposition i.e. nature’s way of disposing the remains. They are non-biodegradable and take hundreds of years at a stretch to finally be consumed by microbes. You might try to get rid of plastics by setting them, ablaze but that will make matters even worse for on burning the polymer of ethylene alias the common plastic we use in our daily lives, a toxic gas called dioxin is released which has many ill effects on human health. Shredding them to pieces will also not solve the problem as even itsy-bitsy pieces of plastic are potent enough to make the soil they contaminate infertile.

So, the bottom-line when it comes to disposal of plastics is that either we are stuck with them at our homes or we face the threat of a ruined environment because of pollution caused by plastic.

In such times of peril, the right thing to do in order to save our environment from getting polluted by plastics is by re-using and recycling them. Don’t throw away plastics bags after using them just once or twice; rather try to use them again and again, till the time they can no longer render their services. Instead of taking fresh poly-bags from shopkeepers every time you buy something, carry your old plastics or take any of the cotton and jute bags (available in abundance in markets near you) shopping with you. Recycle as much as you can for the smallest of things that we use freely are man-made products which are undiminishable by nature. Even the juicy chewing gums we pop twice or thrice a day are made from non-biodegradable substances and therefore when accidentally swallowed they pass through our body unharmed. Sticking them under tables will result in disasters for they will stay put there for years to come and will prove to be unhygienic.

Hence, our environment is at great risk and world leaders are working hard day in and day out to make it cleaner and better. But all their efforts will result in nothing if we the citizens, young and adult alike, don’t do our part to help. So recycle and re-use to save the planet from plastic pollution.