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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

Exams. The five letter word that is a nightmare for all students, irrespective of their age and class. Exam time is the most stressful period for children. It is not only the syllabus and the competition among peers that affects them but also the expectations of parents and their standing in the class that pressurizes children. The result of all this is stress, which leads to anxiety and depression, the two things that you must child away from. Therefore at this juncture of life parental support and understanding becomes tremendously crucial. 

You must have read numerous instances in newspapers telling the gloomy tales of students, who went to extreme measures in order to avoid the wrath of bad results. Such incidents increase rapidly when board and entrance exams come ringing. Because your child is already aware that it’s or never, that this is the final frontier that will decide their future and career paths, they tend to get even more overworked. And thus it is here that stress busting maneuvers for both children and their parents come handy! 


  1. The first thing that your child must know, more than anything else is that even if their exams aren’t a success, your love for them will never diminish for them. This will take away some burden off your child’s shoulders and s/he will feel a little less pressurized and a little more relaxed.

  2. Help your child prepare a routine. Don’t only schedule study time, but also make sure that s/he has time to play and watch TV for these activities refresh children after rigorous hours of study.

  3. Another thing that you as parent can do is help them learn. Revise with them if you have to. To see that there is some one with them makes the situation of being stuck between a rock and a hard place somewhat easier.

  4. You have to reassure your child that exams are not the end of the world. Aware you child of the fact that the chances of being successful irrespective of bad grades are enormous.

  5. Make sure that your child has a healthy and balanced diet and don’t let them skip meals

  6. Also, take care that they are sleeping their share of eight hours. Lack of sleep affects concentration; you don’t want your child half prepared and sleeping in the examination hall.

  7. Keep your child away from distractions all the time.


  1. First and fore-mostly, in order to keep your ward stress free, you have to be stress free. Don’t worry about his or her exams; don’t worry at all during this time. Rather, be relaxed and set an example for your child.

  2. Don’t let family conflicts affect his studies. Keep him/her out of familial issues during exam time.

  3. Don’t put additional pressure on him/her by bringing up past failures. Rather encourage him/.her.

  4. Avoid associating reward clauses with exams. ‘You will get whatever you want if you do well in your exams’ clause just stresses the kids out even more. Motivate them when they are preparing for the battle of the intellect.

Remember, your child’s education is important but his/ her well being i.e. both mental and physical health is more important and you child can only be healthy when s/he is away from stress.