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Daycare Vs Nanny

Daycare Vs Nanny

It is a matter of utter confusion amongst today’s parents to establish a balance between their profession and the added responsibility of a kid. So in such cases they have to opt for either a daycare or a hire a nanny at home. Now the question as to what is better arises. Let us give you a comparison between the two so you decide.

The biggest advantage with a nanny is that she provides care at a very personal level but instances say that this hasn’t been much successful as a lot of criminal cases dealing with nannies at work have come in both of ours knowledge. Professionally trained nannies are a rare sight and too expensive so people settle with maids who look after the household chores as well as the kids. Cases of nannies; not feeding the kids properly, eating their food, mishandling them, hitting or scolding them, using unfair means to make the kids sleep; shouldn’t shock you much as these are some usually heard incidences.

In the same place with daycares one can personally check the routine followed, the diet given to the kids, the atmosphere and other bothering factors. Additionally unlike nannies who are the solo guardian of your kids in your absence here in daycares nannies have a number of supervisors who are further supervised by others. So it is a whole lot of people looking after your kid’s well-being who are duly accountable for everything.

Apart from this daycares provide a wholesome healthy atmosphere wherein your kid can grow with other kids of the same age group and get all professional care. Being with the same peer group kids learn the art and joys of sharing and caring for one another. Experience tells that it has been noticed that kids who weren’t much interactive and playful at home with nannies begin to bloom when fall into a place with the others alike them.

Daycares thus not just gives them a proper atmosphere to grow but also inculcates a general well behaviour in the kids unlike a nanny who would grow the kid the way she herself is and not the standardized way you would want. So it is for you to decide where you want your kid to be, because we know you care.