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A recent study shows that 92,000 children under the age of 15 in India suffer from diabetes. This figure very well indicates that diabetes isn’t something that comes with old age and attacks only adults; rather it also finds solace in both children and adolescents. Therefore it is very important to be aware of what diabetes is and how to know whether your child has it or not. 

Our pancreas produce a hormone called insulin, which helps the body cells to absorb glucose and convert it into energy. However, when our pancreas fail to produce enough insulin or our body doesn’t respond to its own insulin normally, it causes diabetes. There are two kinds of diabetes i.e. Type 1 and Type 2

Type 1 is a condition where the body fails to produce insulin. On the other hand, Type 2 is a condition where the cells fail to absorb the insulin produced by the pancreas. So even though in most cases there is no insulin deficiency, a person still suffers from the disease.

Diabetes in juveniles can be hereditary. If one or both parents have diabetes, then the chances of the child getting the condition are quite strong. Apart from inheritance, unhealthy living i.e. imbalanced diet and lack of nutrition have also been found to be the cause of diabetes.

If you want to check whether or not your child has diabetes then these are the symptoms to look out for: 

  1.       Frequent urination and increased thirst- which of course can be co-related.

  2.       Unexplained weight loss

  3.       State of fatigue and weakness of the times.

  4.       Increased hunger

  5.       Blurred vision

  6.       Tingling sensation or numbness in hand or feet

  7.       Bad odor of breath.

(However, these symptoms will be found in diabetes patients, there are chances type 2 diabetics might not possess them.)

If these symptoms can be found in your child then consult a doctor, for prolonged delay in the treatment of diabetes will lead to unchecked glucose levels which can cause renal failure, nerve damage and blood circulation problems for your ward.

Treatment of diabetes is not as horrible as it is perceived to be. With availability of insulin shots and new drugs in the market, controlling diabetes has become even easier. But keep in mind that diabetes can be kept under control but not cured. Even though this statement sounds absolutely horrendous when you think of it in terms of your children but studies have shown that juveniles with diabetes have a better shot at a normal life as compared to adults who acquire the disease later on in life, for by the time they become adults they are already used to the entire routine.

So even if, your child has diabetes, either type, don’t worry for it can be easily controlled and your child can live a normal life like other peers. Just consult a doctor when you spot the first symptoms.