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For Stand Alone Schools


For Stand Alone Schools

Upgrade your School with Chubby Baby

  1. Running your own Stand Alone School

If you are running your own standalone preschool and looking for improvisation in order to increase the number of enquiries by investing minimum amount of money then Chubby Baby is the right place for you.

Join hands with Chubby Baby and be part of India’s fastest growing preschool chain!

Why Choose Us?

  1. Curriculum: We believe in education to be much more than intellectual development and therefore our uniquely designed curriculum does support excellence and bring enjoyment in learning. Our well designed customised curriculum will introduce the child to active and enthusiastic learning with the sole goal of developing his cognitive abilities, innate abilities and talents.

  2. Know-how and Experience: Partner with us and we will be happy to share our know-how and experience. Chubby baby has years of experience in successfully running preschools and with our involvement one can surely see the number and enquiries going up within a short span of time.

  3. Empowerment of Teachers: We develop customised teacher training program depending on the need and regularly conduct workshops to empower teachers.

  4. Operations: We offer complete support in running the preschool under our franchise model. Right from site selection, making changes in the infrastructure, recruitment and staff training to operations, we provide full support to our franchise partner.

  5. Marketing: We also provide complete guidance in marketing through various channels like  Social Media, Publication/Editorial, continuous research and development Advertisement. Our dedicated team under your guidance will develop a marketing plan to promote preschool in your area.

  6. Running your own School under Franchise Model

Running a school under a franchise model is a new trend among investors. But with new national and international brands preschool chains coming up every day, running a franchise model is also not a child’s play. It is very critical to constantly keep on upgrading your existing preschool in order to survive the competition. Before selecting a preschool, parents actually compare infrastructure, facilities and “whats new” among all the preschools and then shortlist the one which is giving them something unique and different.