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It’s a flow, painting

It’s a flow, painting

It’s a flow, painting. One paints to express one`s inner being. It expresses how one feels inside, the processe one is going through and the blocks that maybe manifesting.

A child`s drawing is the most spontaneous expression. His state of mind is blatantly clear in his confident strokes. The colours used also express one`s inner state. 

Painting is done in various mediums. Water colours, oils, acrylic, pastels and pencil colours are some of the popular mediums. 

When working with water colours, its best to use tube paints and wet the paper with a brush before you begin. The paint then walks through the paper in naughty streams Hand made paper is very good with water colours. Colours must merge and flow with each other. One colour works itself into another giving blended hues. One has to work very fast as the colour dries up quickly. Don`t overwork, it loses the transluscent look. 

When working with oils one can go on and on for hours as the paint dries slowly. One can work for several days, hours at atime. Blending and merging again is very important as it develops depth and texture and one can develop infinite textures with oils, that`s why its an eternal medium. Depth and longlasting works are produced with oils. It also lends itself to varied subjects and is closest to a lifelike look when working with real subjects. It is a multi pronged medium. 

One mixes turpentine oil, a little, and linseed oil to the paint in a palette. Then works in a flow as in abstract work or at a pencil drawing on a canvas sheet and then paints on it. One can work with a brush or a palette knife, as the work demands. Clarity of subject is important. 

Acrylic is a water based medium. Its quick drying and one needs to work fast so one needs to be very sure footed. 

Pastels and pencil colour need a lot of patience to work with and can achieve varied results. One works with light colours and slowly deepens to add depth and texture. One uses cartridge or pastel paper.

 This briefly summarises the world of painting. 

Enjoy yourself!