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Chubby Baby

Parenting is a very intricate process

Parenting is a very intricate process

Parenting is a very intricate process. You have a child and bring him to completion. 

Your love, your care nurtures him throughout his life, makes him feel secure, wanted and he blooms into a head rock. 

Love, strong, healthy, happy love is the foundation and basis of all parenting.

It must lack judgement. A child must never feel judged or compared too much to other children, their size and shape and ability. A being is whole in himself, and respect and grooming allows him to manifest the Divinity within him. 

One must understand that a small child registers the world in wholes. His right brain develops much before the left one which is more analytical and likes to break down data. 

The beginning of the development of the mind takes place, at this age through physical activities, of pouring and collecting together, when he`s putting or dumping things into the back of a truck, takes them out and puts them back again, he is learning to collect his thoughts or facts together to later learn to conceptualize. 

He must be given a lot of material to work with. The replay is a reinforcement which helps in developing the mind.

Registration of picture and then writing is a later concept. It involves breaking down data, so should not be forced on a child at an early age, or till he is ready for it.

A parent must know all this and help the growing child. These beginning years are most important. 

A child is an experimentor, a scientist. He loves to explore new data and assimilate more and more of the world as he goes along. He needs to have happy, lively interaction with the children and adults as much as possible. A quiet, watchful pasrent, observant of his needs and what a child is getting and and understanding is good. 

Its also about being firm once in a while and instilling values like truth and caring and respect for all. 

You should let the children decide as much as possible. A child who dominates you, grows up to be confident and decisive in life. A child who is dominated becomes docile and sly. 

Become a child with him, play with him, interact with him, know his interests and fulfill as much as possible. You are a facilitator, a guide, not an imposer or a dictator.

That sums it up. Happy parenting!