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Chubby Baby

Preschool Franchise in India

Preschool Franchise in India

Preschool Franchise Business Model

Nowadays, preschool franchises in India are a flourishing industry. Parents are very serious towards their kid’s future and they want not just good but the best possible education right from the very first level of education including preschool for their child. ChubbyBaby is the Best Preschool Franchise in India. We are among India's fastest growing chain of the preschool franchise. ChubbyBaby has many years of great experience in running preschool franchise business model.  We opened numerous centres across the state, which are managed by a team of academicians. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are amongst the leading Franchise network that delivers fair priced and value for money facilities. Our team will offer their franchisees a high-level support, advice, and guidance covering aspects of setting up and running a playschool, right from designing to best-practice marketing initiatives.

  1. Feasibility Study

Starting a business is totally a risk without doing a feasibility study. The feasibility study is a primary step for setting-up a preschool franchise. it also helps you to save a lot of money and as well as time while starting a preschool franchise. ChubbyBaby has time-tested tool & techniques to effectively set-up preschool franchise business model. We also go through a rigorous checklist and evaluation technique that covers many aspects which decide the feasibility of the preschool franchise model. We will share our valuable insight based expertise in the domain and our experts will be available with their best advice & ideal guidance for you. That will help you to understand the tool & technique, which are required by you at this stage.

  1. Furniture & Equipment

Furniture and equipment are very important to convert a building into the preschool. Furniture & equipment are essential to setting-up a preschool franchise business model. Furniture & equipment should always look good and attractive as an element of the preschool business model. It also helps to look synchronized with other branches. ChubbyBaby has child-friendly furniture, which gives them comfort and better safety. Our team will help you by providing guidelines and a list of furniture & equipment which is required in the preschool. We are working for over ten years and we have great experience of setting up preschool franchise business model. We also provide furniture and material for your preschool through our vendors who provide you with corporate discounts with whom, we have prior work experience.

  1. Researched Curriculum

ChubbyBaby has a well research curriculum that supports the education systemthat is unique plus a child-centric curriculum. ChubbyBaby’s curriculum is prepared by a team of the academicians. We provide you with our well researched curriculum where the child is given their individual time, freedom, & choice to explore and learn new things. We continuously revise our curriculum and review it regularly. Our team members measure kids’ performances on regular basis as well as we also collect the feedback from their parents. The best teaching techniques are selected by our team of academicians. Our well designed customized curriculum will introduce the child to active and enthusiastic learning. We are using the latest and updated technologies in our curriculum.

  1. Teacher Training & Skill Updating

A teacher is the backbone of a preschool franchise business model and teaching style makes the unique identity of the preschool.  The teacher plays an important role because he/she is the face of the preschool franchise business model. Teachers are the most important part of ChubbyBaby. ChubbyBaby conducts time-tested training and workshops for teachers and this helps them to update their knowledge and polish their skills. Our teams also help teachers in updating their knowledge by organizing regular programmes. We have also developed our customised internal teacher training program, which helps them to learn new teaching techniques. This will make their teaching style best and unique.

  1. Marketing & Operational Support

Marketing, advertising is most needed for starting a preschool franchise business model. ChubbyBaby will provide you corporate branding, advertising at national level, promotions through Social Media like Facebook. Our team will also guide you while doing local level advertisement. We also arrange formal induction and training by marketing experts. We have experienced management professionals capable of handling daily operations. We will also share our experience and knowledge on how to market and communicate as a brand by providing an array of promotional and marketing material.

  1. Teaching Aids

Studies only with textbooks is really boring for kids. Today’s kids are more technology driven. ChubbyBaby comes with smart classes for today’s kids. ChubbyBaby provide smart techniques to build up confidence in the kids. We provide our expert’s recommended books, publications, and other learning resources. We will share our best curriculum, which is prepared by a team of academicians. To make kids curious and knowledgeable ChubbyBaby organises a lot of workshop sessions and provide smart techniques to build up confidence in the kids. Our team has a rich and engaging learning programme. Our team organizes different types of games activity like individual games and group games, which help in keeping the kids enthusiastic about learning more new things. We made children cherish so that they can approach life with a positive attitude.

  1. Facilities

ChubbyBaby ensures the add on facilities ar present to give paqrents their peace of mind and help our franchisees compete with other businesses in their are. The facilities we ensure our franchise centres have include CCTV coverage, standardised formats for communication and correspondence with parents and internal evaluation formats.

ChubbyBaby is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We have expertise in setting up a number of preschools across India. As a franchisee you enjoy support in every aspect of setting up and successfully runninf a Preschool Franchise in India.. ChubbyBaby does not only share the brand image, but also imparts the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to you that are a must for running a successful Preschool Franchise in India..

We will be happy to work with you. Please get in touch with us to know more about the ChubbyBaby Preschool Franchise model.