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Why choose preschool

Why choose preschool

When we talk about Preschool, the very first question that comes in our mind is –what benefits will it provide my child?

Surveys reveal that children who go to a Preschool are more active, attentive and clever at works. They learn things faster as compared to children who don’t go to preschools.

It is an established fact now that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important ones. It is the time when his personality and intelligence level are determined. The child’s brain is a lot more active and alert than an adults is, forever grasping new skills, language and methods. We had a talk with Mrs. Shallu Soni, the director of playschool Sadhana Shishu Mandir on how important really Are the Preschool Years in a child’s life?

Q) Why is preschool important?
Shallu: The preschool experience prepares children for a lifetime of learning. In preschool children are introduced to concepts in a fun relaxed environment. Children see that learning is exciting and they want to learn more.

Q) What skills are taught to the children in playschool?
Shallu: In playschool children develop social skills needed to get along with others and become independent. Sharing, taking turns, problem solving, and language development are part of the daily routine. We at Sadhana Shishu Mandir provide value based education to the kids and workshops are conducted for the parents as well. Preschool gives children a jump-start to kindergarten. They develop pre-reading skills, pre-math skills, science and social studies skills. Children develop an understanding of listening and following directions as a group. These behaviors are important for kindergarten readiness

Q) How Important Really Are the Preschool Years in a child’s life?
Shallu: Preschool is indeed a precious time in your child’s life. Do not shrug it off as something that he’s not going to remember later and therefore unimportant. Parents and Teachers, working together, can create an environment in which a child can bloom to his or her full potential in later life.